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Training Overview

Research has shown that numerous factors impact driver fatigue. Management solutions should consider factors such as a driver’s health, environmental factors such as cabin ergonomics and vibrations, road conditions and seasonal variants, and operational factors such as scheduling practices, compensation, regulations and safety culture.

At no cost or obligation, the comprehensive approach of the NAFMP combines effective fatigue management tools with education on what causes fatigue and how to minimize its occurrence.

We recommend using our e-learning platform to complete the training; this offers interactive modules complete with exercises and quizzes. However, if you choose to work with a trainer, or prefer a non-interactive format, you may access on-demand downloads.

Before You Begin:

FMP Introduction and Overview
Motor Carrier Executives and Managers
45 min
Safety Culture and Management Practices
Motor Carrier Executives and Managers
90 min
Driver Education
Commercial Drivers
180 min
Driver Family Education
Driver Spouses and Families
45 min
Train-the-Trainer for Driver Education and Family Forum
Safety Managers and Other Trainers
210 min
Shippers and Receivers
Freight Shippers and Receivers
30 min
Motor Carrier Sleep Disorders Management
Motor Carrier Executives and Managers
90 min
Driver Sleep Disorders Management
Commercial Drivers
85 min
Driver Scheduling and Tools
Dispatchers and Driver Managers
60 min
Fatigue Monitoring and Management Technologies
Motor Carrier Executives and Managers
60 min
Improve Driver Safety

Reduce fatigue-related risks, reduce crashes, improve alertness and promote job satisfaction.

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Full Program Manual

Cover of NAFMP Implementation Manual The NAFMP Implementation Manual will help you design and implement a Fatigue Management Program for your organization. Click Here to Download the NAFMP Implementation Manual (PDF)