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Improve Driver Safety

A Comprehensive Organizational Approach

The NAFMP is a comprehensive program. When fully implemented, it has the potential to reduce fatigue-related risks, crashes and near-crashes and improve driver alertness, health and wellness.

Research shows that comprehensive programs like this are necessary to trigger and to support lasting changes in fatigue management practices in a company. Although the accompanying training modules can be used as stand-alone, it is more beneficial to use them in the context of the wider program. The NAFMP Implementation manual provides a step-by-step guide explaining how the full program can be implemented.


"I often point transportation companies to the NAFMP website for guidance on how to implement a Fatigue Management Program and I have distributed your ROI calculator as a great tool forecast the benefits to the organization. I think what you have put together is fantastic!"

"This program is a great example of industry organizations and regulators stepping forward to identify, provide and promote real solutions to improving the safety of our nation’s highways."

Improve Driver Safety

Reduce fatigue-related risks, reduce crashes, improve alertness and promote job satisfaction.

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Full Program Manual

Cover of NAFMP Implementation Manual The NAFMP Implementation Manual will help you design and implement a Fatigue Management Program for your organization. Click Here to Download the NAFMP Implementation Manual (PDF)